Disco Diva

Disco Diva

Mary Gio Mary Gio 19 April 2019 Events

We return to the great dance times also this year: 20 – 23 June 2019

Gabicce is certainly the Italian “homeland” of the Disco Music. Its hill and its beach, places like Baia Imperiale (formerly Baia degli Angeli) and Eden Rock, were the first stages from which the discomania started to conquer our country. A Gabicce was born and developed to get a new model of entertainment and fun to date.

“The idea stems from the 1970s atmosphere that can still be felt today as soon as you arrive in Gabicce Monte. Very famous in those years both in terms of costume and fashions. The goal is to revive the town with its breathtaking view and the two historic places that marked the arrival of the album in Italy. This mix of explosive combinations made me think of a Disco Music festival right there. ” Cristina Tassinari, artistic director of the event.