And vabbeh, an open door breaks through here. We are in a natural park: every walk is a discovery. Paths for cycling, hiking, or even real days looking for animals, plants, feathers, verses and much more. Our trusted naturalistic guide, Mario, specialized and passionate about the San Bartolo Park, has been pursuing this rediscovery for years by making himself available to anyone who wants to know. Not to mention the strolls with children, which manages to fascinate you more than the TV and the tablet (finally!).


Examples of excursions:

“White charms among the gullies” a guided walk in the moonlight, in the unreal light reflected by the gullies with iridescent effects that amaze and make the landscape more romantic.

“Between the waters of Nero and lunch with Pluto” proposal hikers on the north-western side of Monte Nerone for a whole day to spend among woods, streams, ancient hermitages, millions and gorges. Lunch break in a natural cave.

“Itinerary with observatory” walk in the Romagna countryside which will culminate with a night visit to the Copernicus observatory of Santa Maria del Monte, where it will be possible to observe the most popular stars of the sky at the telescope.

“A nice dive in Bosso “a pleasant antidote to urban toxins and Saharan aphorisms. Starting from the ancient walls of Cagli, we reach the hydrographic left of the Bosso River on which we will continue to the Mulino di Secchiano, overlooking the evocative views of a river bed entirely excavated in the rock. […]

But this is old stuff for Mario. He will be ready to amaze us more and more.