Impossible to make a list of the beauties of the hinterland, I will try to mention some particularly accessible halves.



Gradara. Elected Borgo dei Borghi 2018, famous for Paolo and Francesca, nothing short of magical location. A few steps from the hotel you can take a regular bus every hour or the magnificent white and blue train (not to be missed to return as a child).




San Marino. No need for descriptions. The castle city, land of freedom. We have several options to get there, even with gadgets included, as you can easily get there by car.



Imperial Villa in Pesaro. To retrace the life of the court with its intrigues and then end up among some of the most beautiful gardens in the area. Every Wednesday, and often also on Saturdays, guided tours are organized, also in language. Just get there by car (very easy with Google Maps).














But we want to talk about San Leo, the land of Cagliostro and alchemical rituals, Urbino with all its history, a city palace, Pesaro itself, its history and the music of Gioacchino Rossini, and much more. For those who want to know and visit, here we have Sandra, Marisa and M. Giovanna, who can’t wait to let you discover everything.