Storia dell’hotel

History of the Hotel

Sandra and Marisa tell the story of the Hotel Giovanna Regina, a real seaside villa for their families, but also for their guests, who feel right at home.

“Built in the 1920s, ours is a house on three levels that directly overlooks the sea and then to access it you had to cross a bridge that connected it to the road – explains Sandra -. Initially, in addition to being a dwelling, it was also a hemp deposit, because grandfather Francesco was a ropemaker, helped by his sons Alessandro and Giuseppe.

In 1929 the structure was entrusted to a friend of the family, who supported the nascent tourism on the Adriatic coast, and this is how the hotel business began.

In 1956 our father Giuseppe, known as Peppo, and our mother began to personally manage the activity

even if Peppo as well as a hotelier was also an artist with exceptional manual dexterity and his models of ships and compositions of shells can still be admired today inside the hotel, along the corridors where one breathes the love for art and antiques.

Little by little the hotel and its surroundings have begun to take the form of what they look like today: two floors have been added to the existing house in 1955 and 1956

When the bridge was still there

the connecting bridge was removed building a corridor (the current children’s area) and then creating two floors of rooms on the side towards Rimini in 1960, and as the family grew, with our arrival, so did the appearance also change of our house by the sea.

In 1964 and 1970 here is the third and fourth floor.


which today is made unmistakable by the ivy that covers it and which distinguishes it from all the other hotels, making it unique.

We, born and raised in this hotel reality, which bears the name of grandmother Giovanna and the first hotel in Gabicce, the Queen, in the 90s, when our parents passed away, we finally took over the management, with our passion and professionalism .

For over 30 years – Marisa continues – we personally take care of our guests and we are attentive to their needs, we want them to feel like at home and we can proudly say that over time we have seen the families of our most loyal customers grow. Hand in hand, ours too have grown, with Marina and Francesco,


with Alessandro, Lorenzo e Maria Giovanna

Photo Peppo, Alessandro and a client


and then with the new respective families came the grandchildren: Giulia and Nicolò, Mattia, Alessio and Anna.

We are a big family and with the changing of the generations we have tried to keep up with the times also updating and modernizing our structure, with the creation of the massage room, the swimming pool and the covered garden in 2008 in which our customers can relax looking at the sea.


There are solarium terraces in which to sunbathe or cool in the evening, quiet rooms for readers or card game lovers, children can play in peace both in the garden overlooking the sea and in the room dedicated to them interior of the hotel. This is how we pamper our customers, as well as with good food and with all the attention and advice they may need, and it is with a defined and accurate style that is handed down from the origins that we welcome them in our structure to make them feel right like at home, ours, theirs.

Sandra and Marisa